Melbourne University Inline Skating Club

How To Do....

Rotate your Wheels

After skating for a while you will find that your skates will develop an edge. To help this you should rotate your wheels. There is no set time for when to rotate, it is dependant on how long you skate / often you skate
First you need to number your wheels 1-4 (for each skate) with 1 being at the front (where the toe goes).
You can rotate your wheels using 2 different methods.
Method 1:
Rotate the wheels within the skate
Swap 1 with 3 (and flip over the wheels)
Swap 2 with 4 (and flip over the wheels)

Method 2:
Rotate the wheels with the other skate
Swap L(Left)1 with R(Right)3 (don't flip the wheels)
Swap L2 with R4
Swap L3 with R1
Swap L4 with R2

Clean your bearings

When you go through lots of crap like mud, sand, grass, water, you may need to clean your bearings. The bearings are what makes your wheels spin.
Take a wheel off the skate, pop out the spacer (this is best done by using a specific tool). This should leave you with a cylindrical spacer, and 2x 2 round cases. Each one of these cases contains the bearings.
have a look at the bearing and work out if it has a C ring